Stubborn Rock

Linus vs a stubborn boulder (An excerpt from my non existant novel)

Credits: Daz18

A large boulder stood stubbornly in their path. The Marmara howled in an angry and unpleasant manner and Linus felt sweat soaking his back, even though he was wearing at least ten layers under his unwieldy and heavy Akinci robe.
For the past hour, the Noueddin had been sitting in a snowy corner and muttering to himself.
Linus finally kicked the boulder in fury.
“Good God! Someone use Geomancy or whatever it is that you all do to move this devil!” He said in distaste.
“It’s just one boulder!”
The Noueddin grew impatient with him.
“One boulder? Such arrogance dear boy! What obligation does it have to obey you pray tell. ” He snapped. “When I can convince it and Alwen – most high, most gracious-
, then it will move! Till then keep your voice down you fiery lad.” The old King gave Linus a sharp look and returned to his silent meditation amidst the howling snow.

Linus scowled and kicked the boulder again, but a sharp pain rattled through him this time.
“You stupid rock! Hitting back are you?” He hissed.
The rock creaked and moved a centimeter as if to reply in the positive.


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