A Feast

Linus practices proper slashing techniques with Badriel. Unfortunately, he is not cut out for the job. (an excerpt from my premature novel).


“Plunge that sword in you foolish boy!” Badriel yelped, goading him with the edge of a stick not unlike a shepherd goads a dumb sheep. “Do you lack even the enthusiasm of the hamster?”
Linus raised his eyebrows and glared at him. He found plunging swords into dead animals and the whole warrior spirit quite disagreeable. It expended a large sum of energy and required hacking at flesh.
Badriel’s remarks were useless. So he tried a new approach.
“Look you detestable creature, I will let you eat the parts you strike off cleanly.” he said.
Linus loved Zenji meat. It had the redeeming taste of Chicken. His eyes glowed and he began his work anew.

As she was returning from work that very evening, Yan fainted at the door upon seeing several bloodstained bags piled high there.
They represented Linus’s expectation of a feast.


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