The Morris Girl


“Ah that Morris girl is so ill mannered.” Mrs. Earwick whistled as she took her afternoon tea.
“A little behind in her studies I think, (she winks) but what to expect? Parents make the home! No no. Mothers. Yes mothers.”
Now Mrs. Earwick pinched her respectable lady friend to rouse her spirits.
“Oh Julia should I tell you how I laboured to raise my children?”
Julia admitted she had done much but would be more pleased to discuss the recent county election.
“Oh don’t be silly you quick girl. The mayor claims to be a father to this town. Me? I have been both father and mother! Do you know Sammy’s championship win dear? Did you hear about it?”
Julia remarked she had heard extensively of Sammy’s championship win.
“But it was me dear! I was the one ironing her cloths and I was the one who crafted for her a most extravagant dinner.” Mrs. Earwick’s face was radiant.
“Prestine are my children Julia. My little army I call them. Their manners are well bred and all are very accomplished but surely they love me best of all above their accomplishments! Now you have the Morris child. Again what an ill mannered creature. No discipline and no care in the home. Poor child cannot be expected to succeed in the worldly sciences!”
Julia politely remarked she held no opinion of the Morris child and would like to proceed to a new topic of discussion.
“You silly girl! This is advice for you. Sage wisdom if I may. Now I hear you are soon to be wed (she said this in a whisper)”.
Julia replied the rumors were indeed true.
Just then the front door flung open and in came a homely looking girl. She had a large bag slung on her shoulder.

Mrs.Earwick rushed to her.
“Oh Sammy! You are home then? I was just telling Julia of all your accomplishments. Come take tea with us dear when you can?”

Sammy scowled at her mother.
“No mom. I rather not.” She said in a tired and annoyed voice.
She bolted up the stairs, leaving Mrs.Earwick embarrassed.

Julia decided she must visit the Morris girl.


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