Numan’s patriotic (and fully justified) rant.


That Gray Area: Morality and Loyalty

The 4th of July marks a crucial time in American History, for all intents and purposes it gave birth to that oh so charming “American attitude” oh so “loved” all around the world. Suffice it to say we like our freedom, and furthermore we like to make other peoples like our freedom, or at least let them know they live in a lack there of.  Not only is the notion of “Independence Day – The 4th of July” poetic, it is also purely symbolic. Every year it seems to spark small debates and clashes (contained to just that one day, usually) amongst the people who either berate America for the “atrocities” it committed to attain this “American” freedom or laud it for being the most free and powerful nation in the world, the home of the free land of the brave. Everyone…

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