Time is All We’ve Got

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Time is All We’ve Got

            Imagine this: If someone were to give you 24 dollars for a trip you were going to take (a very short trip obviously), and in turn only asked that you pay a 1 dollar travel toll in return, would you take the deal?

It’s completely up to you, as the money has been fully given to YOU. The toll is also not mandatory in that you will only be asked at the booth whether or not you’d like to pay. Now keep in mind that if you do pay, you’re allowed to take a better road to the destination, essentially the one which is maintained by that tax, if not you must take the harsher, unregulated road, seems fair enough.                                   

Now look at it in this sense, the 24 dollars is symbolic of the 24 hours we are given daily. You are free to…

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