Teaching children (guest author)

By Faisal 

How do we teach the children of our country? First of all, teaching them without the least bit of patience will result in complete failure so the logical conclusion must be that the teacher is obliged to observe patience. Stating it is easy, but implementing it in practice is not so simple. Everyone seems to have solutions. But few know how to make these solutions practical and useful. Lets take world hunger for example. More food equals less hungry people. That’s a straight forward solution; but how do you make food accessible to those who need it? Better yet, how do you endow these people with means to survive on their own? We have plenty of resources, but a lack of people with a conscious minds who are concerned with practical solutions. The same principle can be applied to the problem of teaching the newer generation. Here is why we are failing the upcoming generation and why we cannot seem to be able to teach children. The young ones today are hooked on technology and they are slowly developing a self absorbed nature which compels them to do and pursue what they think they need. This self-absorbed nature is not a symptom of technology, rather, it is a symptom of our failures to adapt our teaching style to the new generation. As a result of this, we will have these children that will grow up to be not contributors to society, but rather it’s inhibitors. The problems we have today are a complete reflection of the inactivity of our young generation. Activism comes directly from strong, moral belief in doing what is right, which they lack. And I believe that it is the job of the family to develop the child, not only to raise him or her. We need to put more emphasis on the role of the family, particularly the mother and the father, who are capable of instilling moral values in order to make this generation more live in action. We as a society have undermined the importance and the crucial nature of the family. It is not uncommon for a single mother to be working two jobs and raising children. This is not wrong and no one is saying it is wrong but I believe it is an indication of the slow eroding of the important, family commitments that a child needs in order for him/her to grow into a righteous and positive human being. In our times, it takes the youth decades to develop maturity, become independent, and understand individual responsibility. By the time they realize their aimlessness, their youthful days have gone with the wind and they are working shifts at McDonalds to pay the bills. Before we ruin another generation, we need to rethink how we teach our youth and what we teach them. And our teaching method must be benevolent and showing real concern for their well being. But in the end, the ultimate teacher of a child is his/her family and their surroundings. If we do not have a discussion on the state of these fundamental concepts and the obstacles that are preventing us from providing them to our children, we will have a depraved generation; and it would have been our fault as much as theirs.




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