Software that doesn’t hurt your eyes

Ever saw those photos of people staring at the computer screen at night and the eerie, blue light that seems to be radiating from the screen? That can’t be healthy. There is actually research done on this particular topic and astoundingly, that blue light from your computer screen does affect your sleep. It keeps you up! Now imagine you working on your computer late at night and your face is bathed in blue light!

Now here is a software that truly helps you on the computer. f.lux basically figures out the condition you are using your computer in (whether night or day) by looking at the time and your area (or you can enter them manually) and adjusts the said lights on your computer screen to be eye friendly! 

Use f.lux to use your computer at night and NOT strain your eyes. During the day, f.lux adjusts the screen accordingly. It’s a great, great tool to use and I’ve just discovered it today. Beware however, f.lux’s tint to the screen takes a few minutes to get used to. 

Click the photo above or go to to download it! You will be thanking me!



One thought on “Software that doesn’t hurt your eyes

  1. Walakumsalam,

    Thanks for the tip. I will be using this as I try to program a Hadoop thingy to count wikipedia words …

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