The Stuff Of Dreams: Hyper Light Drifter

Take a long hard look at that. What does it remind you of? Picasso perhaps? Or just the great, great FEZ?
Hyper Light Drifter is the brain child of Alex Preston. Who? Yeah, I don’t know who he is, nor does anyone else. But the fact that Preston has completely obliterated the $27,000 goal on Kickstarter tells us people are excited about the potential of his work and not his name. Hyper Light Drifter looks drop dead gorgeous, as if Preston illustrated the game in his dreams. It is a mash up of zelda and diablo and (hopefully) a fitting love letter to all those who are creative.
Hyper Light is absolute wonder, ART. ART. And it really warms my heart to see so many excited to experience art in the wake of games a.k.a waste of time like GTA.

This folks, is the stuff of dreams. Go pitch in for the project and let’s hope Preston lives up to the hype.

Watch it below:


Tell me what you think!

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