Lame Motives: Dragon Ball Z Villains

We all love Goku and Dragon Ball Z and never question it. It is like the love we have for our broken, tattered, iPhone even when we have money to purchase a completely new one or that bicycle we got from grandpa. It’s not the best, but it’s still a lot of fun.
We also remember that battle between Goku and Friza on Namek. Supposedly the entire battle took up 5 minutes, yet it was spread out over some 2 hours, half of it yelling and powering up.

Dragon Ball Z is awesome because of it’s instant appeal. How can you NOT LOVE DRAGON BALL Z? But let’s be serious here and put on our critical thinking hats now that we are all older. Do any of the villains in the Dragon Ball Z universe make sense? I mean, are they particularly deep or have a justifiable motive?
Here, let’s look at this guy:


Why does he want to conquer the world again… or destroy or whatever? And instead of doing that, why does he waste his time fighting Goku who obviously stands no chance in the beginning and after defeating him… oh wait –> proceeds to set up a martial art tournament in his name? Why does he deliberately give the Z team enough time for them to train and become powerful? Like… cell, when will you conquer… or destroy the world or whatever you were doing.

Seriously though, Cell is badass don’t get me wrong. When watching Dragon Ball Z, we are not asking for the story to make sense, we don’t really care. We are watching for the loveable characters and the Kamehameha’s but common, they could have added at least a little depth into the villains. I mean look at these two:

Android 17 and 18

OK, I get it, they were programmed to destroy the world or whatever but at no point in time during the show do Android 17 and 18 show any signs of “programming” or even a convincing motivation. It just looks like they want to destroy stuff for no apparent reason. They also seem to want to take over the earth … um .. WHY? Well who cares. Except they don’t! They hop around here and there blowing things up for fun and wait till Cell catches up to them. Some depth.

Thank God at least the villains look cool and their attacks look even cooler. (get it? Cooler?)

PS: I love DBZ and you shouldn’t take this seriously


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