When Videogames becomes ART:Child of Light

A lot of people (especially gamers) will argues ardently with you about video games and how they are art. Maybe some are, maybe some aren’t and maybe, as one of my friends would like to say “All video games are art but not all art is good.”

Fair enough.

But take a look at this new trailer from Ubisofts upcoming game Child of LIght. No it doesn’t have Skyrim-like vistas of mountains in the distance shaded by a constant, magical snowfall, it doesn’t have the grandeur of a busy city street in GTA, the result of years and years of designing and programming, it doesn’t even have the complexity of a village in Witcher.

What is has though is ART. It is the next Braid, it is the next Fez, the next Trine.

Words cannot describe what I have just seen. Take a look:

And take a closer look:



Freaking art.

Ubisofts new JRPG (that’s right!) is confirmed for PS3 and PC. One reviewer hails it as “A playable poem.”
From the trailer, I hope this game will be the epitome of human artistic expression and I hope it lives up to the hype.
Please Ubisoft, do not fail us.


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