Pacific Rim is actually U.S. propaganda?
The Chinese Jeager. Is it awesome or what?

Um.. come again? Yes the Chinese army is hinting that there is more to Del Toro’s Pacific Rim than just awesome robot on monster action. Apparently, the Mexican director managed to sneak a little American propaganda into the film.


Zhang Jieli, a Chinese PLA officer’s article in the Liberation Army Daily assures us that Pacific Rim is all about the U.S.’s “rebalancing of its Asia Pacific strategy”, and not just because half of the film is played out in Hong Kong.

Considering that the Film towered above the box office in China, grossing over $104 million in the first few weeks, it’s reasonable that it would gain a lot of unwanted attention.

And here was Del Toro thinking that he was injecting a little diversity by having the final showdown in Hong Kong. Geez…

Check out what Mr. Zhang had to say about the film and his warning to the general public on the link below.

[HERE]—>Hollywood Reporter


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