How Muslims helped the Irish

During the Great Famine of Ireland in 1845-1849, every man, women and child were forced to tie their bellies as food was in a drastically short supply.
It was at this very hour that the Ottomans send 1000 Sterlings (modern day $1,052,000) and shiploads of food to Drogehda, Ireland. 

The Famine was no joke. At least 1 million people died as a result and more Irish fled their homeland for the United States or Australia.

The then Sultan of the Ottomans, Sultan Khaleefah Abdul-Majid, recognized the situation and decided to send 10,000 sterlings to aid the Irish.
Queen Victoria however, demanded that he send 1000 sterlings because she had only sent 2000 herself. 

The sultan sent the 1000 but smuggled in 3 shiploads of food and supplies, unknown to the Queen. 

Drogehda still remembers. Just look at their Football Club shield below:

That is the Ottoman Crescent they had put their in honor of the deed.

We should cherish this history as an example of tolerance and interfaith peace, between an Muslim nation and a Christian one.

You can read in more detail HERE. 

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3 thoughts on “How Muslims helped the Irish

  1. To be honest religion racism wasn’t even an issue here. It was how when someone was in need and they could help them, they did. It didn’t matter about their religion. And in all honesty, isn’t that the basis of every religion? ♥ love your post by the way

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I posted this article just to clear a deep seated ignorance some people have towards Islamic history and even christian history.
      Believe it or not, there was actually a time when we all lived in peace and tolerance and respected each other’s religions.

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