A Universe Short Lived

Why do humans have such short lives? What is 50 years? What is 80 years. Geez, some die before they reach their 40’s.

Time is a game to God, a minor annoyance in the grand scale of things, because the Universe is short lived.

I will use the Islamic concept of the “end times” to illustrate my point.

According to tradition, when the Prophet Adam first arrived on earth, he made a supplication to God. In response, God showed him one of his children in the future, a prophet that would come in the end times. Who was it? Jesus? Muhammad? John Brown?

It was David. David yes. David. A prophet that would come in the “end times”. Whether you believe he existed historically or not, you would have to agree that this fiasco was some 4000 years ago.

God is telling us that 4000 years ago fell into a category called the “end times”. 

And when I reflect more and more on this tradition, it is clear that to God, 4000 years is a wink or the passing of a breeze. It is nothing.

Other traditions related about the “end times” are directly from the Prophet Muhammad himself. He had related a tremendous amount of “minor signs” of the end of the world.

What are these?
1/Arabs will compete in raising huge towers

2/Killing for no reason will become widespread

3/The Mongols will ravage the world

4/The Muslims will conquer Persia and Rome. 

5/People’s thighs will tell them where they are (cell phones)

And a tremendous number of others. From those I have mentioned however, you can see #1, 2 and 5 are modern day happenings while #3,4 happened a while ago.

Many of the minor signs are like this. What point am I trying to make?

Time is so shallow. We are supposedly in the “end times” according to Islamic tradition but this apocalypse might be farther than we can even imagine. Time is so relative, and such a minor annoyance to God that to Him, the entire life of the universe seems trivial and short lived.

The great empires are nothing. What is 1000 years (Rome)? What is 200 years (America)?

The supernova we will miss

We will miss so many historically significant events that will happen in the course of the life of earth. We will miss the day when Chernobyl will be safe to venture into. We will miss the completion of the time pyramid in Germany, we will miss Betelgeuse blowing up.

We will miss the milky colliding into the Andromeda galaxy. 

The night sky we shall never live to see.

We will never travel into space and miss the day when our descendants invent Cyborgs and faster than light travel.

We will miss it all. Because our lives are so pathetically short and wretched.

That is why a great man once said:

“Our goal is not to live forever, rather it is to create something that will.”

So many of us on bent on living forever, all the while knowing that we might never make it past our 60’s or 70’s.

When the end of the world does arrive, the people on earth will look at our ruins and frown, pointing at what once was. They will say we were idiots for believing in such a temporary existence.

They will say this because the skies will be falling apart and the sun will rise in the west.

It is as William Lane Craig says in Reasonable Faith:

“If there is no God, then man and the universe are doomed. Like prisoners condemned to death, we await our unavoidable execution. ” 

Perhaps he is right. Perhaps he is wrong? Who has returned from the great abyss of death to tell us their story? And which soul will be left at the end of the Universe to reflect his existence, with monstrous regret?


Tell me what you think!

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