Explosions in Space: Take cover

Imagine the sun colliding into another sun.

Like that but hotter

Remember Goku’s spirit bomb from Drangon Ball Z?

Sort of like that but bigger

Sort of like that, but much much bigger.

Cataclysmic, cosmic collisions are happening every second in the Universe. Aren’t you glad that sound can only travel through vibration of molecules? It’s like God decided to not let me enjoy the music of thundering explosions louder than a million nukes and of gaseous stars being disintegrated in space.

Star-on-Star action is only the surface of the explosions that take place in space. They are mere children compared to entire galaxies colliding or better yet, ultra-dense neutron stars ramming into a black hole.

Kilonova: Dead-Star Crashes May Spark Mysterious Cosmic Explosions
A “Kilanova”

The explosion is incredibly brief and is carried out with monstrous dispersal of energy. Scientists are calling this a Kilanova.

Really? It might as well be a Killanova. That just looks and sounds better. Just how powerful is a Kilanova? 1000 times more powerful than a star explosion and then some. 

One of these explosions haven’t actually been seen (though long predicted) until now.

You can read the original Yahoo article on this HERE.

Astronomers are also hoping the discovery of this massive nova phenomenon can shed some light on how heavy metals such as how gold came to be.

It certainly is interesting stuff and I swear, if Michele Bay could get his hands on the methods to execute a Kilanova in one of his Films, he would.
Except he would cause the entire destruction of life from the Milky Way, but it would totally be worth it.

A simple gamma ray burst close enough to earth from this type of Kablooey would cause a mass extinction.

That’s the hidden power of the Universe we are so fortunate to be protected from. So if you have nothing to be thankful for today (you should, or you are a terrible person), then be thankful that you don’t wake up to the sound of exploding suns or a burst of energy that could lay flat your house.


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