The nature of Nature

Mountains, trees, a lake. What is all this?


It is why Mathematics and the laws of science exist in perfect harmony.


It is the unmoved mover, the secrete behind the science, the thread that runs through every living thing and every inanimate objects.


It’s like the bloody Life Stream from Final Fantasy VII.

But hell, no one asks who nature is!

My atheist, scientist friend will wrinkle his eyebrow and stare at me in amazement.
“Why is the question assuming a who? Why does it need to be a being?”

I will throw my hands up in exuberant submission, utterly humbled by this scientists deep understanding that I could never hope to achieve.

Broken by the brilliant scientist and his inability to describe to me who Nature is, I travel to the one place that does not deny me any answers. Wikipedia.

“Nature” refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic.

Very well. But I am still left confused. I ask my brilliant, atheist, scientist friend, why are atoms arranged the way they are and why are they the building blocks of life? Why can I calculate how fast a baseball will hit the ground? Why do a collection of lines and numbers seemingly fit together in perfect harmony when it has every reason not to?

Nature, he tells me. Natural Laws. It is a just a feature of the Universe. It just works out.

But how can one attribute the mysterious nature of our world to a phenomena, a collection of observable occurrences?

A higher being, I tell him. Maybe there is a designer of this process that runs our world. Maybe Math is the language of God.

LAZY THINKING! says my scientist friend. LAZY, unsophisticated thinking! Illogical and unscientific!

But you yourself cannot conclusively describe to me what “Nature” is.

Is it or He or She independent? Can Nature make decisions such as when to change the climate or cause an ice age to cleanse the earth of mammoths and other gigantic animals with tusks?

Can Nature think?

No Nature is a collection of processes.

Then why is a designer not an academic possibility? It is logical and scientifically consistent to claim a process has no beginning and no maintainer? Dozens of Chemical Engineers are required to maintain a small chemical plant, half of that to supervise a software project, yet the one process that is the very cause of Life has no retainer, no guardian?

My atheist friend still accuses me of Lazy thought. I cannot see concrete proof of it, thus I do not believe.

I tell him, it is better to live believing than in doubt, because one doesn’t get a second chance at life.


Tell me what you think!

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