He Provides: Of Justice and Mercy


Does He provide? Here is a more important question, is He an oppressor and take pleasure from seeing His servants squeal and lose hope? Let’s look at another story from Gems and Jewels.

It is related that a women women went to the Prophet David (peace be upon him) and said, “O prophet of God, is your Lord an oppressor or is He just?” The Prophet replied, “Woe unto you, O woman, He is the All-Just, Who never oppresses. What is your story?”

She explained that she was a widow with three daughters and that she provided for them by what she would spin with her hands. She explained, “Yesterday, I tied what I had spun into a red cloth to sell in the market place so as to provide for my children. As I was walking, a bird came and snatched the cloth from me and flew away, leaving me with nothing to sell for the provision of my children.”

As the women was speaking with David, someone came knocking on his door. They appeared to be ten business men bringing with them one hundred gold coins each. “Oh Prophet of God, give this wealth to the one that is deserving.” they asked. David asked them what had brought them to him with their wealth.

They explained, “O Prophet of God, we were on a boat, the wind was very violent and we were about to drown and lose our way when a bird came and dropped a sack wrapped in red cloth upon us. In this cloth was some yarn and with this we were able to block the hole in the ship (for a while) until the winds subsided and we vowed that each one of us would give one hundred dinars in charity if we made it out alive. So give that amount to whomever you please.”

David turned to the women and said, “Your Lord does business for you in the land and in the sea, yet you ask whether He oppresses!” He gave her the 1000 dinars and urged her to spend it on her children.

Total coincidence or just crazy?

Let’s just say God works in mysterious ways. When the going gets tough, it’s very hard to keep positive and the world seems to enclose around you. But the above story illustrates that our lives are inevitably tangled together and part of a greater design. So lets think about THAT this Ramadan.


Tell me what you think!

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