History’s greatest Badass

Khaleed ibn Waleed nicknamed “The sword of God”. Now if you get a nickname like that, you must be some serious badass.

Here is his portrayal in the “OMAR” series on MCB.

He was the famous General of the Rashidun army from 632-638 AD (The Islamic empire after the death of the Prophet, spanning from North Africa to Persia but did not yet include Constantinople).

Khaleed ibn Waleed spent a good deal of his life fighting Muslims and warring against the Prophet Muhammad. And yes, he won those battles too.
Then in a sudden change of heart, he accepted Islam and decided that the Romans and Persians needed some serious butt kicking.

File:Mohammad adil-Rashidun empire-slide.gif

It won’t be an exaggeration to say he is the single cause of the double destruction of the Roman (Byzantine) empire and the Persian empire. He repeatedly kicked their butts while always being outnumbered. In fact, I can’t think of a single battle he commanded where his troops had the upper hand.

An extreme cases was the Battle of Yarmouk (August 636 AD), facing some 400,000 Roman soldiers with only 60 or 80 thousand men. Khaleed wasn’t even the damn general of this battle. Abu Ubaidah (the general) saw the extreme might of the Roman forces and asked for Khaleed’s help and transferred the command over to him. Khaleed’s like, screw it, I’m going to demolish them with my crew of badass light cavalry. It is said that Khaleed came to the river but none of his men had the balls to jump in. Considering how crazy the Yarmouk River is, my balls would fall off too. Khaleed rode into the river with his horse and emerged on the other side steel balls and all intact. Did I also mention Khaleed Ibn Waleed utterly destroyed the said Roman army in a matter of 6 days?

Oh, and during his first major battle with an insanely large Roman army on the Syria-Arab border (Battle of Maraj-al-Debaj), all hope seemed lost. Again, Abu Ubaidah was the commander of this battle and he urgently asked Khaleed to come to his aid.
Again, Heraculis did not see how he couldn’t win this battle. The movement of any Muslim force, even Khaleed’s HAD to be through the conventional Syria-Arab route in the south. There was no way Khaleed’s small force was getting through to aid the larger Muslim army who were about to get their asses kicked.

Khaleed happened to be in Iraq at the time and he knew time was running out. So he turns around to his men and says

“HEY! Lets go through this insane, waterless, Syrian desert that no army has ever passed through alive before!”

The Romans did not even consider that a possibility. It was madness! It was suicide! There was no way Khaleed’s army could march through that hell and come out unscathed to flank them.
He did
all in a matter of days.

File:Mohammad adil rais-batte of majar ud dibaj.gif

He came up from behind and dealt a major dose of badassery and won the battle.

He also perfected the use of light cavalry. He called his badass crew the “Mobile guard”. They would come of nowhere during a battle like the Rohirrim from lord of the rings and deal out a good dose of death!

Just as an aside…. he never lost a single battle (80 major,empire expanding, decisive battles, 100 total).
In fact he was so badass that the Caliph had to remove him from command because people were almost worshipping him.

Khaleed didn’t give two craps. He re-enlisted in the army as a foot soldier and had no hard feelings towards Umar (the caliph).

Khaleed ibn Waleed was a badass not just because he triumphed in crazy situations but also because he perfected war ethics. He was a Muslim after all and took after the example of his Prophet. After the above described battle for Syria (in which Khaleed kicked Roman ass), Heraculis the emperor found out his daughter was taken as prisoner by the Muslim army.

Heraculis send an ambassador to Khaleed with the following letter:

I have come to know what you have done to my army. You have killed my  son-in-law and captured my daughter. You have won and got away safely. I  now ask you for my daughter. Either return her to me on payment of  ransom or give her to me as a gift, for honour is a strong element in  your character.

Then like a true badass, Khaleed replied:

“Take her as a gift, there shall be no ransom.”

There are also a ton of other stories about his exploits and I was surprised to see that he actually had a detailed Wikipedia Page (though I can’t say everything on there is 100% correct)

Khalid ibn Waleed <==== Click HERE!

Khaleed ibn Waleed died in his bed, depressed that he couldn’t fall in battle like a badass and be a martyr. When he asked his friend why he never fell in battle, despite his entire body being covered with sword slashes and spear wounds, his friend replied “The Prophet called you the sword of God and it would not fit for the sword of God to fall in battle”

I don’t know about you, but that is BADASS.

Khaleed Ibn Waleed’s tomb next to the “Khaleed ibn Waleed” mosque in Homs, Syria
Khaleed hated splendour and aggrandizement. He would have probably smacked the person who made this.


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