Fasting for 21 hours a day in Greenland

21 hours. Let that sink in.




Now if you haven’t done your math already, that’s just 3 hours to prepare for the next fast. Oh, don’t forget Maghrib and Isha (The dawn and night prayers).

Definitely a nice looking place

Well, the only Muslim living in Greenland, Wassam Azaqeer, is doing exactly that. He is a Lebanese and has lived in Greenland for the past several years. What and where exactly is Greenland? A province of Denmark, its one of the largest Island’s in the world and a land of perpetual cold and crappy living conditions. But Wassam is too ballsy to care about that. He runs a restaurant in the capital city of Greenland, Nuuk and gets quite a lot of people every day.
That doesn’t look like such a bad place to live

Wassam thought of moving back to Lebanon for the month of Ramadan but then he’s like “If I leave, there will be no Muslim fasting in this land.”
My Respect for Mr. Wassam. A true hero.

You can find the link to the article HERE.


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