Best History Documentary: The Greeks (BBC original)

Ah the Greeks! With their economy in tatters you wouldn’t give them a second look and frown if you were told that they were once the greatest civilization on the face of this earth.

But Alas! Credit given where credit is due. The Greeks are the fore fathers of democracy and a ton of other concepts that lay a heavy and authoritative hand on the modern world today. The Greeks were geniuses, visionaries, warriors, scholars and yet at the same time, illogical, inconsistent, pedophiles, murderers and fiercely backwards in every sense of the word.

They were indeed a plethora of contradictions, from the Spartans to the Olympic games, contradiction is the one word to sum up Greek history. Who were these mysterious people that would court young boys, carve statues of naked men (yet forbid those of naked women) and had an almost religious obsession with perfection. Who were these strange folk that would leave a new born in the wild to die if he/she had any defects? Who were these folks of legend that fought in great battles of immense fury and did many deeds of honor and fame?

Dr. Michele Scott is not only a historian but also a poet. His enthusiasm in this series is captured through his over the top explanation of every nook and cranny of Greek culture. If you are interested in learning the important details of Greek history, look no further than this original BBC series. Dr. Scott is a charm to behold and keeps the viewer engaged in Who Were the Greeks? If you waste your weekend on the first two episodes, you will not regret it. Link is below:


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