Giving what you got

So one of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) was just chilling and taking a nice walk around town. Al-Mashi was his name.

So he was minding his own damn business and just happened to pass by a gathering of some punks hooting and happing on the side of the road. Now you know how punks are. They will say something scathing to you just for laughs and that’s what these punks did.

Al-Mashi spoke some words of kindness in response to their words of evil and just kept walking along.

Then one of his buddies was like whatup?

“Why do you reply to their evil with good?” He asked.

Al-Mashi handled the question like a true pro saying:

“Each person spends from that which he has.”
I don’t know if they had that expression back then

That’s how the companions of the Prophet were. Instant pros. If you are evil and evil is all you have to contribute, you do that. But if you have good and good is your nature, than surely you should contribute with good. Such was their wisdom, such was their poise.


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