For the last time, Pacific Rim is NOT Evangelion

And saying so other wise makes me want to smack someone. The reason is simple.

Unless you have a severe case of AnimeFanbotosis THIS:
Asuka’s Eva: beast mode

Australian Jeager

Russian Jeager

Gipsy Danger: American Jeager

Eva Unit 1 and Unit 0

In fact, Gipsy Danger reminds me of this:

Now, I might have already convinced you why Pacific Rim is an original Mecha film born from the great imagination of director Guillarmo Del Toro. But I’ll keep going, just in case you think Pacific Rim is still a “rip off” of Evangelion, an anime series Del Toro has never even watched.

Lets compare what Pacific Rim has in common with Evangelion.

1/Giant robots fight monsters====> YES

2/Main character is a 14 year old with daddy issues ====> NOPE

3/Supporting character is a 14 year old girl with people issues ===> NOPE (Mako is extremely active in the story arc and ISN’T emo. Just because she is Japanese doesn’t mean she is Rei.)

4/Giant robots are actually creatures, can only be piloted by kids ====> NOPE

5/Giant Robots are godly and have supernatural powers ===> NOPE

6/ Monsters are godly and have supernatural powers ===> NOPE

7/Giant robots 250 feet tall can easily cartwheel through the air =====> NOPE

8/Story is exceedingly complicated and at points just confusing ====> NOPE

9/Politicians (Seele) are pulling the strings behind entire series ====> NOPE

10/Pilots pilot robot sitting in a seat and pushing buttons =====> NOPE

11/Main character is a melodramatic wreck who likes boys ====> NOPE

12/The “robots” have teeth and intestines……. ======> NOPE

13/World almost gets destroyed because main character does something stupid ===> NOPE

I think that should be enough. I don’t want to keep going. Considering the fact that only thing Pacific Rim has in common with Evangelion is that Giant robots fight monsters….. well. Ya I’ll just leave it at that.

I write this post because this movie is getting hate from these uber-enthusiastic Eva fans who have just started with the series after it’s reboot with the animated films. They fail to notice the other 10000000 Mech/Kaiju Anime/movies produced in Japan. One person even had the audacity to claim that the robot designs were copied from Evangelion! The Jeagers (what the robots are called in Pacific Rim) are destructible, vulnerable, and only good as their pilots. They don’t have a MAGIC MODE where they erupt into fury and consume half of the planet. Their cockpit also takes much more inspiration from Power Rangers than anything else. Every movement of the Jeager is accompanied by mechanical noises: the winding of screws, the creak of metal on metal, the shout of a million horse powers operating each of the arms as they pound and punch, the audible crack, cringe and shriek of machinery as the Jeager falls to the ground or slams into the water after being hit, all of these characteristics are the very antithesis of gigantic monsters doing cartwheels in the air (ahem Evangelion). If that is not enough….

Might I also add that the monsters in Evangelion-Angels-look Nothing like a Kaiju.

I grieve for you if you think THIS:


And finally, to put the icing on the cake, you must be on some drug if you think THIS:


EVA fans, I know you are mad and depressed that there has never been an awesome LIVE ACTION Evangelion film and Del Toro hit it out of the park with an original mecha film in Pacific Rim. But don’t worry, maybe if you quite down and appreciate what Pacific Rim is as a film, maybe, just maybe you will get Evangelion live action.

PS: I am a huge EVA fan, but credit is given to where credit is due. Pacific Rim is the BEST film this summer. That is all.


9 thoughts on “For the last time, Pacific Rim is NOT Evangelion

  1. Yeah, I never really understood why people were drawing comparisons right off the bat. I never saw any similarities, other than like you said; they both have giant mechs.

    1. Evangelion with its new animated films (3rd one was released just 2 years ago) is the freashest thing on everybody’s mind going into Pacific Rim. A majority of the animated film fans have probably never seen the original series or seen other mecha anime such as Gundum, Zoids etc. So it’s just a bad case of ignorance I’m afraid.

  2. I didn’t know what to expect before going to the movie. I thought it was some sort of Godzilla coming out of the water. But when I saw the first scenes, I couldn’t help thinking about Evangelion. Contrary to what you say, the similarities are quite numerous: robots fighting against creatures that are constantly evolving, pilots for the robots that are mind-connected, a tortured hero, a lead actress that look a lot like the female Character Rei in Evangelion… The list is long.
    I don’t think that it’s plagiarism but it’s very likely that the japanese mecha animes have inspired the screenwriters/movie director.

    Still, I felt that the movie was good. The tone is very different from Evangelion and the soundtrack was nice, but because I’m used to mecha films …, I can’t say that the scenario was extraordinay and I felt that there was a lack of emotions in the movie, something that would make this movie unforgettable.

    1. There are a ton of mechs anime dealing with the themes you mentioned. Pacific Rims story is nowhere similar to EVAs (religious imagery in one and just plain “monsters” in the other)
      Del Toro has also staged his inspiration was primarily shows like Godzilla and power rangers (PR is VERY similar to power rangers)

      So yes it’s It’s a little similar to EVA and you see more similarities because you are a fan. But Pacific Rim, the designs and the world building, their inspiration lies elsewhere.

  3. Del Toro was working with Peter Jackson on the Hobbit before he got sick of delays and left. Guess what movie Peter has been working on concept art for several years. Yup, Evangelion.
    Seems like a good way to get back at Peter. Fuck you Del Toro you hack

    1. THIS. Evangelion was a huge influence on “Pacific Rim” countries (Japan, Australia, etc) when it hit back in the mid 90’s, and there are WAYYY too many similarities for me to list here (Why the hell does Mako have blue hair highlights, run through an empty city not unlike Shinji, I could go on for about 100 different story points). Anybody who ignores this is either completely ignorant of the Evangelion franchise or some kind of deluded revisionist

      1. Please do go on about the “100 different story points”
        Pacific Rim is closer to power rangers than anything.
        Can you show me how the robots in pacific are even REMOTELY close to those in EVA?

        I’ve watched Evangelion and I am convinced that Pacific Rim is NOTHING like it.

        This just proves you are a butthurt fanboy who is raging at Hollywood for not actually MAKING an EVA live action film.

        Stop hating.

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