A suit of mail



I don’t usually remember my dreams and if I do it is but a faint and flimsy memory sharpest a few moments after I am awake and sleep still lingers in my eyes. But today I had had a very interesting dream. The details are quite fuzzy and will narrate my vision to the best of my ability so here goes.

I was in a dimly lit room, lying on a plain bed. Next to this bed was a rail, a sort of steel hanger with shirts of mail hanging from them. There was a lever near my hand and I would tug it. Each time I would see myself plaid in the shirt of chainmail. With a tug of the lever, the mail would adjust to the shape of my torso. Then, the shirt would fall from the hanger into my lap. I had a sense of unexplained elation, a sort of hysterical happiness upon receiving my prize. I greedily put it on like a young boy hastily wearing his new bought shirt. I would let the links of steel fall about my chest and waist and find to my great dismay, that the suit of mail did not in fact fit me. It was much too large.
I would pull the lever again in madness, see myself fitted in the suit of mail and let the shirt drop on my lap, try it on and to my great annoyance, find that it would not fit. In my rage I grew impatience and started tugging the lever up and down in fury!

Then I woke up.

I do not know the meaning of this dream but it certainly was interesting. Why would the suit of mail not fit me? How was I seeing myself clothed in mail and adjusted to my size before the shirt dropped onto my lap? Was it some kind of hologram? What the hell was a mini chainmail-making-machine doing next to my bed?

Maybe the suit of mail represents how I want to shape my future. I saw myself down the road, blissfully taking on the challenges of life and my plan fit perfectly. But it was mere conjecture and foolish hope. Upon actually wearing the suit of mail, it would not fit. I could not predict the future. My design and careful tuning the suit was miscalculated. I should watch my step. That’s all I can pull out of this dream. It was weird and more weird to write about and explain.


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