Trying to make him angry, it doesn’t work
Ok maybe that’s a llittle too angry

Ahnaf bin Qais, one of the pious predecessors in the heydays of Islam was famous for his forbearance and patience and for not becoming angry. Some of his friends gathered together one day and decided they will try their utmost best to piss the man off.

So one of these dude go up to him and asks Ahnaf if he could marry his mother!! Rest assured that the man said this in a mocking tone and would have certainly ticked any of us off. But not Ahnaf. He kept his cool and replied

“We are not rejecting you because we think your status is low, nor because we lack the desire to be related to you through marriage; rather, it is because my mother is old in age – she is almost 70! And you are a young man, in the prime of your youth. You need an affectionate and fertile women, who will take from your manners and learn from your character.”

Destroyed. The dude wanted to start trouble with Ahnaf but Ahnaf was too pro to let that happen. He did not get angry but rather replied in a curious and polite fashion to a very insulting proposal. Was he trying to be funny? Perhaps. He then said to the dude, “Return to your people and inform them that you were not able to make me angry!”

Perhaps the next time you or I blaze up at someone, we should think of Ahnaf the pro who deftly dealt with insults and always kept his cool.

This Ramadan, lets think about THAT.


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