Dozens hospitalized in Qatar after overeating in Ramadan

I read the title of this news article and lost it.



Seriously though, I thought Muslims “fast” during Ramadan. I mean it’s the summer too. The days are long and the nights are short. The stomach growls and bites and aches during the length of the day and the sun beats down…..Oh, you have the AC on high in your house? Well surely you have to deal with the hunger. No? You were sleeping the entire day or playing video games? Geez! What about Iftar. Surely the onset of Ramadan and all this talk of fasting and feasting has motivated you to eat healthy! No? Damn.

Seriously though, are you that hungry that you don’t know when to stop stuffing yourself?

After chowing down on the evening meal, the Qataris are having a hard time. “Doha hospital received on emergency last year 100 patients after the first night of Ramadan, with most of them suffering from abdominal pain”. Yep, sounds like overeating to me and not just any overeating.
This is literally you sitting in front of a plate loaded with Samosas, Burgers, Fried Eggplants, Fried Chicken, Chickpeas (I’ll even throw in a plate of fruits) and proceeding to shove each individual item down your throat at the greatest speed possible.

A Sheik speaking in my local mosque once proclaim “Ramdan is the month of fasting, not feasting”.
Well them Qataris in the emergency room really need to hear that.
Seriously though, imagine rushing to the hospital with abdominal pains! Imagine being wheeled into the front lobby and speaking with an ER personal.
“What happened sir!? Are you alright?”

Now sit back and laugh your guts out at the silly reply:


“Isn’t it Ramadan?”


The link to the article is below:


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