My Ramadan Checklist

Salams for all and yet again we race towards Ramadan’s soft embrace (hungry embrace I should say). A year has gone by like the passing of a gust or gale and last year’s ramadan is still ripe in my memory. As Muslims we see ramadan as a period of training and enrichment, to develop ourselves and our relationship with God. And for all things important people often make checklists of their goals. I am no different. So here is my ramadan 2013 Checklist. My God bless it inshallah (by God’s will).

1/Read 15 Juz of Q’uran backwards (so I can understand the smaller surah’s

3/Memorize at least 3 Surah’s (Top of my list is Mulk, Waqiah, Insan)

4/Break bad habits and practice self control. (Less YouTubing, more reading)

5/Create a Hadith Blog from Scratch using JavaScript

6/Increases knowledge of Python as much as I can. 

7/Finish Lord of the Rings (I am almost done the 1st)

8/Make D’ua after every Far’d prayer. Ask for at least 5 things

9/Write an article everyday on

10/Listen to more Islamic Lectures and watch more Historical documentaries

And there  you have it folks, my checklist. These things have been on the back of my mind for a while and God willing this Ramadan, I will knockout the Shaytan like Mohammad Ali flooring one of those many opponents he fought…. ya I don’t follow boxing. But anyway, I wish you a safe, happy, beneficial, fruitful and enjoyable Ramadan if you are Muslim. If not, have an awesome month anyway!


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