Best History Documentary:Mushashi

And….we are BACK with another round of oh so awesome Japanese history. But this time documentary isn’t about some boring, bygone history concerning the shogun or the samurai. No, it’s about one of the greatest warriors to have ever walked on the face of this earth.


The Legend of Miyamoto Mushahi by Mark Dacascos follows world class martial artist and actor Mark Dacascos as he follows the footsteps of Mushahi, the paths he walked and the places he went to. Mark does an amazing job of connecting with his audience and bringing to life the brutal, outlandish and offensive times that Mushahi lived in. A time of honour and duels to the death and great ronin warriors.

Mushahi’s life is both grandly epic and exceedingly violent. His deeds are to some acts of great valour and to others, psychopathic murders. But none deny his amazing, other worldly skill with the blade. Mark follows the different duels that Mushahi fought with the most famous warriors of his day and the path the young Mushahi took to become the greatest, most fearless and graceful killer of his time. Mushahi’s life and deeds are so fascinating because he was the epitome of his time, a man given to dedication and perseverance taking the way of the sword as his religion. To me, Mushahi was not a great man. Rather he possessed great qualities: an infinite pool of self motivation and an expert of his craft. You will not regret the hour you spend on this documentary.


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