Best History Documentary: The Katana

Ah, the famous Japanese warrior known as the Samurai. No book about the doing of great deeds would be complete without mentioning the incredible skill and dedication of the men who were the soul of centuries of Japanese history and military exploits. I will not tell you too much about the Samurai as that is the point of this documentary. Their iconic sword were an integral part of who and what the Samurai where. They were no knights, nor where they rangers. No, the Samurai originated as glorified body guards and planted themselves into the very threads of Japanese history. Warriors who would take their own lives at a moments notice, yet equally fierce they were on the field of battle, killing and dying for their lords and masters. Secrets of the Samurai Sword really takes the viewer through a very intimate journey of how the sword of these great warriors where forged and why it had retained it’s deadliness and art even till this day. You will come out with an earnest appreciation for the legacy left by these warriors, guaranteed. And then again, it IS a NOVA documentary so it HAS to be good.


Tell me what you think!

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