Best History Documentary:The Ninja

Everybody loves Ninja’s and modern media has had a lot to do with their popularity. However, I think this documentary removes all the fantasies and super powers we attribute to the Ninja and shows them as living breathing men with a certain culture and way of life. Ninja: Shadow Warriors follows the story of Momochi Tanba, the famous leader of the Iga Ninja and his clash with the then ruler of Japan, Lord Nabunaga that would end in the destruction of the Iga people and Iga Ninjas. It is a strangely epic tale of badass missions, secretes, loyalty and betrayal. Smithsonian does an amazing job of setting the atmosphere and I almost confused this for an hour long segment of NOVA on PBS. This is hands down the best film I’ve seen concerning the Ninjas and I left with an intimate understanding of the hows and whys of Ninja society and a deep appreciation for the great warriors that were the Ninja.



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