Best History Documentary: Britain

I am an American and honestly British history shouldn’t mean anything to me. But A History of Celtic Britain presented by Neil Oliver is one of those things that just pulls you in and never ever lets you go. Everything is picture perfect, from the beautiful panning shots of the British and Scottish highlands and mountains to the more precise and delicate display of historical artifacts and the stunning, grandly epic soundtrack, everything about this very special documentary made me want to keep watching.

The documentary is split into three episodes, each a fruitful hour long. Neil Oliver starts with the story of prehistoric British Isles and the culture of the people that inhabited it. From sprawling hill forts and warriors armed with bronze to the first battles for territory in prehistoric Britain, the cinematography and excellent directing gives the viewer an intimate look at what life would have been like some thousands of years ago. If you were never interested in British history, this WILL get you interested.

Neil then moves to historic Britain, a time of druids, powerful Celtic Kings and the first interactions with Rome. Part two was particularly my favourite as it really touched upon the difficult decisions the people of Britain had to make when facing the might of Rome. The great battle for civilization, culture and the old ways verses the new, whether to accept the innovation of Roman culture, of structured villages and towns, fine cuisine and wine or still hold dear to the old Celtic ways, all these conflicts where brought to light and provides the viewer with an intimate experience. Neil then continues on on part three focusing on what Rome did to Britain. A History of Celtic Britain is one of a kind film that leaves a lasting impression hours, days and even months after viewing. Neil Oliver takes us to a world inhabited by our forefathers and how they faced many of the squabbles we deal with today. The scenery, setting and greatly epic history of Celtic Britain reminds us that we are just another generation passing through the pages of History and in time, our deeds would be the only evidence that we existed at all.

PS: Neil Oliver’s Scottish accent helps a lot too 😀



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