What would Umar(rh) say? Part One:

Here is a moment of silence for all the poor souls that were unfortunate enough to face the wrath of Umar ibn Al-Kattab (rh)………

Ok now here is a question to ponder over. If Umar ibn Al-Kattab were around today, would he smack you or praise you? Now the first thought that crossed your mind is “Oh well, he wouldn’t be very well loved because of his harshness and strictness with the Deen of Allah.” No he wouldn’t. But once you got a taste of his whip and his walking stick you’ll start loving and respecting this man and his devotion to the cause of Allah all the same. This week I want to look at a singular aspect of Umar, his attitude towards religious matters.


Let’s look at prayer and boy am I guilty of everyone of these things.
Fidgeting during prayer: Man Umar was serious about people moving and twisting and turning during prayer like they got some bug underneath them shirt. “If one’s heart was properly focused, his limbs would be too.” (Ibid, 18/154) he said and just like that he be calling you out and telling you you got some focusing to do bro.

The Matters of Prayer: Umar didn’t actually go to every single corner of the muslim empire and force people to pray or do any of the things he thought were right. No. But boy if you be messing around in front of him, you’d get the stick treatment. “[When] Umar became Caliph he paid attention to the matter of prayer and made them pray, and punished those who did not pray.”(Umar his life and times,300) Damn bro, you be like, CHILL OUT. There was no “Chillin out” around Umar. He meant business as he wrote to his governors in a letter

“One of the most important issues in my view is the prayer. Whoever prays regularly and takes care of the matter oand focuses in prayer has protected his religious commitment and is doing well, but whoever neglects it is more liekly to neglect other religious obligations too.” (Umar his life and times,301).

Ain’t no messing with Umar. He sees right through you like a trained FBI agent and straight calling you out.

Being Late to Jumah: I don’t know about you but I’d get my rump beat by Umar over this. Umar would rebuke those who came late for Jumah prayer. This one time Ameer ul Mu’mineen be giving the Kutbah and he saw a man from among the earliest Muhajireen (those that migrated to Medinah) come in. UMAR STRAIGHT CALLED HIM OUT like a G. “What time is it?” He asked. Dat key rhetorical question that instantly lets you know you are in helluva big trouble. The man knew he was screwed so he was like “I was busy then I came home until I heard the adhan. As soon as I heart it, I did wudoo.” The dude thought this would fly with Umar, ” I was busy and then I did wudoo!” Waaa cry me a river. Ameer ul Mu’mineen was like “Only wudoo? I know that the Messenger of Allah(pbuh) used to enjoin ghusl.”
Damn bro CHILL. Ain’t no chillin’ around Umar when you are failing in your religious duties. Well I know I’ll try never to be late again for Jumah!

Rising the voices in the Masjid: So this dude was standing in the masjid Umar hit him square in the back of the head with a rock. The dude was like “what the hell man!” and turned around to find Umar. Don’t know about you but I’d piss my pants if I saw Umar in the situation. Umar was like “Go and bring those two men to me.” So the dude goes and bring two men that were talking loudly in the masjid to Umar. Umar told them how things would fly in the Masjid of the Prophet “If you had been locals, I would have beaten you severly for raising your voices in the mosque of the Messenger of Allah(pbuh).”

Now I gotta be honest. If was was in that masjid with Umar, I would have probably been kicked in the rump by Umar ibn Al-Kattab. I learned my lesson dear Lord.

https://i1.wp.com/memeorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/totally-worth-it-meme-1024x961.pngWell, there you have it, a few things for me (and you) to keep in mind. Umar ibn Al-Kattab was as gracious, generous, kind, loving, gentle and dutiful as he was harsh, strict, just and awe inspiring. This dude meant business and from now on, I always ask myself, would Umar(rh) beat my ass in this situation or would he say I’m doing the right thing? Life becomes soooo simple when Ameer ul Mu’mineen has your back.


Tell me what you think!

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