Rand Paul put’s us to shame

I’ve been quite silent on the issue of human rights violations in Bangladesh and honestly it’s not because I have some controversial theory or stance on what is going on. To be honest, it shows quite a small token of concern if the only thing I can do is a blog post, but whatever.

Now I’m sure all of you, being the politically informed individuals that you are, have been following the epic, 13 hour long filibuster led by Senator Rand Paul. All I can say is….wow. Not because of what Rand is actually doing, but because of what he is protesting. John Brennen was President Obama’s top pick for the position of CIA head. When questioned by the Senate on drone strikes, Brennen remained ambiguous and constantly avoided the question. The thing played out with Eric Holder and President Obama. The President will simply not say “No, drones will not be used in US soil to kill US citizens with out due process and in violation of the 5th amendment.” What is WRONG in saying that Mr. Former constitutional lawyer? Rand Paul was personally disturbed by these statements (or lack of thereof) and delayed the senate vote on Brennen with an old fashioned filibuster in which he held the floor for close to 13 hours. What did he want? An answer, that’s all. Just a clarifying statement from the White House on using drones on US soil. Paul had nothing personal against the nomination of Brennen and even stated he would vote yes. All he wanted was an explanation, will the President defy the constitution with his drone program? Will the president order US citizens to be killed on US soil without due process?

Thirteen hours Rand Paul repeated the same thing, demanding a simple response from the White House while the President and Jon McCain enjoyed dinner. 13 hours and no response.

I wonder why republicans are angry with the president, I wonder why the country is falling to pieces. It’s a goddam shame. But I took something very important away from this filibuster as a muslim. Rand Paul is a Non-Muslim in a secular state. Yet he stood 13 hours STRAIGHT to defend the constitution and the values of his state. 13 hours he stood to uphold the rule of law, justice and freedom, things in which he is absolutely convinced.

Are there muslims in congress? I don’t know (there are 2). I can’t honestly tell because surely with the strong sense of values and conviction Islam puts in a human being, surely oh surely they would have been the FIRST to bring up this issue, not a republican like Rand Paul! Shame, absolute JOKE. Keith Ellison was NOWHERE to be seen during that 13 hour stand by Senator Rand Paul his fellow democrats traveled to the senate and stood in vigil with Rand.

You want to know why Allah has humiliated the muslim world? It is because of things like this, where we are not the first to speak out and correct our leaders and give them the best advice. We are sore losers and followers always trying to play safe.

Go ahead, play it safe. When you rot in you’re grave, not many people will weep. Conversely, Rand will make it into the history books as the Senator who stood up for the defense of his constitution, and boy did he stand for a long time.


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