What if Money didn’t matter?

Back in the heyday of civilization, the time of Newton,Al-Jazari and Kepler, individuals invested their time towards things which they were passionate about. As a result the greatest facts about our universe were elucidated, because some individual could not go to sleep at night until he/she had unraveled the mystery.

Today we invest in education for a sole purpose, to get a job and make money. But what if money didn’t matter? What would we truly love to do? What keeps us up at night thinking and pondering? What are we truly passionate about? Once we have found this out, just do it. There is a reason the Nike slogan is so popular. JUST DO IT because if we are truly passionate about something, we become connoisseurs and learn to perfect our craft, then money does not become a problem.
This is an inspiring video that really moved me. Being a freshman in college I can relate 100%. And to answer his question, my dream is to create software that will change the way humankind interacts with the real world. Another of my dreams is to write and speak, to relay my passions to all those who will listen and to teach those who are willing to learn from me.

What are your dreams? Share by Commenting!


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