The physics behind your eyes


Last year (not really a year ago but a few months) I happen to stumble upon the lectures of the brilliant man known as Richard Feynman. Ya, the quirky, CalTech, Nobel Prize, Physics dude. It was a short video where he starts talking about the electromagnetic spectrum. As he started to describe the phenomenon of visible light, you could see his eyes glowing with a childish fetish and his body language, the waving and clapping of his hands and the way he would never stay still told of the incredible passion he had of understanding the world. I’m not here to talk about Feynman however. We just want to discuss the phenomenon of light. As you know, Light is a wave. Simple as that. We also know that light has what we call a “WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY” that is in laymans terms light is bisexual. One day he likes to be a wave and just chill, another day he wants to behave like a photon and just mess with peoples heads. Now when we think of waves, they are literally…..waves. You probably seen waves in your last trip to the beach. Now if you know me, I try to stay away from the beach being Muslim and all but you get my point. Whereas waves at the beach are a disturbance in the water (the medium), waves of light are a disturbance in what we call the Electro-magnetic spectrum. It’s this complex invisible field that permeates from around you to the farthest depths of space time. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. What’s even cooler about it is that light is only one TYPE of wave in this spectrum. It’s a very specific wave, not too large, not too small. You might find this minute physics video interesting!

So imagine this thought experiment. You, Joe Schmo and your friend insert generic name are hanging out in a white room with no furniture. The room is completely white. (God help you if you think that’s fun). Your looking into Joe Schmo’s eyes and your friend Bob is looking between you two at the plain white wall. When you see Joe Schmo, light waves are bouncing off of him in every direction, at the same time your friend bob who is blankly and awkwardly looking at the wall is also capturing light rays bouncing off the wall. There are billions of waves intersecting, crossing, cancelling, bouncing, hitting, absorbing and amid all this chaos, your eyes perfectly perceive Joe Schmo’s ugly face and  your friend Bob can clearly perceive the blank white wall. That my friends, is why your eyes are so sexy, because no creation of man is ingenious enough to be so efficient and come in such a small portable package.

The only thing you precive with your naked eye are light rays, nothing else. Our eyes are not perfect and they were not meant to be. I have this insane theory that God engineered them to be sexy, essential, minimal, effective, efficient, reliable. Every form of entertainment you indulge in involves vision, whether it be watching How I met your mother (Hey I don’t judge 0_0) or reading this very article, our eyes are ruthless, calculated machines, never faltering. The lenses do not need cleaning, snapshots do not need saving and certainly memories do not need instagramming as our visual memory effortlessly translates into speech. Think about that the next time you tell your friends about the guy you saw making out with his dog in the Walmart parking lot.

Moreover, reflect. Believe it or not that’s why we have these stupid computers called brains in our thick, ungodly skulls, to reflect upon the creation of the greatest Engineer and product designer, God himself.


If you want to learn more about Light, here is a link to the wikipedia article

And here is Dick Feyman doing his thannng


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